WDM Learn produces HD video which can be used for training or marketing purposes or a combination of both.
Not everyone can really produce and edit video. With the advent of HD filming on phones and Go-Pro devices there is a common misconception that producing video is easy.
Yes it is.. Easy to get it wrong..
Many companies I have spoken to (and actually filmed at) have had problems when using film. This can be down to insufficient PPE, poor housekeeping, inappropriate actions, poor continuity from one scene to the next and numerous other factors which need to be addressed prior to rolling the camera.
Many of these things only become really apparent when you watch them back and the only way to fix it is do it again. This can caused project delays, become cost and time prohibitive not to mention un-professional and extremely irritating for the client.
Lighting makes a huge difference to a production, no lighting will give you a dull ‘home-made’ look to your production. Lighting is a complex subject, knowing the correct type for light for your application and how to best set the camera to understand the frequency of light you are using.
Shaky footage again gives the ‘home-made’ feel, you must handle the camera correctly to keep the quality of the production high enough for use.
Poor quality video, poorly edited video and a lack of scenes are immediately apparent and speaks volumes about your company such as ‘somebody in-house did it’, funny how you can spot this statement before you are told.. Just because it may be better than you think you could produce yourself doesn’t mean it is a suitable quality to present to your clients, they will notice..
If you are going to do it, do it right..