WDM Learn can create bespoke graphics in a given style for any given application. ‘Graphics’ covers a huge banner, basically anything of a visual nature which has been produced for print or on-screen.

Screen or Print? – When producing graphics you need to know what the application is. Ever printed something that looked fine on screen but once it has been printed it is very poor quality? This is because print is almost 4 times the resolution of on-screen.

“Your print is only as good as the input”

Put in a poor quality image and you will receive a poor quality result.

Scale – How big? Backdrops or trade show stands require clear and crisp graphics. Printing on a large scale is expensive. We can scale a single still (or multiple stills) from a 3D animation to a size suitable to be printed at full resolution. We have produced images which needed to be printed at 3 metres wide.

Whatever your graphic requirement, whatever space you want to fill, we’ve got it covered..