WDM Learn have produced numerous high quality 3D animations for the Oil & Gas and renewable industry.

We have produced a series of 4 large animations for one of our major clients which included a cinema launch. Repeat business speaks for itself. We have a number of clients who just keep coming back to us.

We have pioneered the conversion of CAD models for the inclusion in our animations. We can work with CAD models produced in SolidWorks, Pro-E, Inventor or we can work from more generic file types depending upon the application.

No CAD models, No Problem.. Even if you do not have existing CAD models we can model a representation or produce an exact scale SolidWorks, Rhino or 3D Max model of your equipment.

3D animations are great for informing your clients (and or your staff) about what a piece of equipment is, where it is used, how it is used an how it operates.

All animations we produce can run locally on a PC/tablet, stream online from thumbnail up to full screen HD and everything in between. With over 10 years experience in web streaming we know how best to compress your stream and the best formats to use.