eLearning is a way of automating standardised training. Where the information is just being repeated you can build a course based on this information.

There are a number of benefits:

  • Track your learners automatically and log there scores
  • Claim back some time for your trainer for classroom courses or company inductions
  • Standardise the level of information supplied
  • Build the course based on your own company information and procedures
  • Use imagery (photos/video/animation) from your activities and company procedures
  • Unique login area for each learner

An LMS or Learning Management System basically has 2 main functions of interest.

  1. A place for you eLearning course to sit. Where do you think the data for each user is stored? No data is stored in an eLearning course itself. It has to go to an outside database to be stored, known as an LMS.
  2. Administrative function – what happens when you want to know what users scored? who has started the course? Who has not started the course? Who passed? Who failed? – All of this information (and more) is stored in an LMS allowing administrators an easy way to keep tabs on their learners.

As with most things there is not 1 simple answer but we can help you draw your own conclusion of what would suit you best.

Some things to consider:

  1. Is it a ‘one-off’ or will you want more built?
  2. Once your course has been built would you like the opportunity to update the course yourself?
  3. Do you need a team to develop multiple courses at once?

There are a couple of factors here as you can imagine but basically it is fairly straight forward to update any eLearning course.


As long as you have the relevant software there is no reason why you cannot learn to update your own eLearning. We can offer advice and training for individuals looking to update their own eLearning once built. We can even teach you to build courses if this what you are looking to do.