eLearning Development

There are many benefits in the use of eLearning / Computer Based Training Courses (CBT). One of the main benefits can be cost but another huge benefit is consistency of information. You can update you information at one source which will then make sure everyone is using the latest revision. If this is relevant to you then I’m sure you understand that statement.
WDM Learn produce bespoke elearning courses / Computer Based Training (CBT) courses. We have championed the use of high quality HD video and HD animations yet we can help any company achieve a result within their budget.
We can film on location and produce HD video of your equipment, personnel or premises which can be included in you eLearning courses / Computer Based Training (CBT) courses.
WDM Learn have pioneered the use of servicing to a level of detail previously unseen. Our technical knowledge allows us to film technicians / engineers carrying out ‘Maintenance Tasks’, ‘Servicing Tasks’, ‘Inspection Tasks’,  ‘Pre / During and Post Mobilisation checks and procedures’. All edited to a professional voiceover giving a quality output more akin to television.
We are here to help from start to finish, from idea and conception to design and production. Simple.

3rd Party eLearning Software / Course Development Tools

As well as bespoke eLearning we can build and develop courses using the best available 3rd party vendor software. Using a 3rd part software allows you, the client, to purchase their own version of the software and have individuals in-house trained to make updates. This option is better for companies with a range of course requirements. This option is not as economical if you are only building 1 or 2 courses although it may be an option for you to help future-proof your courses.
Ask us for details of what is possible.