WDM Learn have been producing high quality eLearning / Computer Based Training (CBT) for over 10 years. We have many successful eLearning, video and 3D animation productions. In this time we have pioneered streaming video and 3D animation within our course as well as the manipulation of CAD models from their native software packages into a useable format within our 3D modelling environment. We have also pioneered a local file installer from using high bandwidth courses in low bandwidth scenarios. This has been trialed on a DSV and a standby vessels with surprisingly good results.
Additionally we have built various learning management systems with SCORM functionality, course building tools, video interface tool (for assigning & tracking users), trade show rolling presentations as well as other database functioning interfaces.
We want our clients to understand our processes in order to improve communication and workflow which in turn will improve the final output. Just ask any of our existing clients and you will understand why we win repeat business from many of our clients.