Welcome to wildhoney graphics and data studio

Wildhoney offer a unique approach to knowledge transfer across any industry. We offer a wealth of knowledge in the production of Learning Systems for your company. Using our own LMS as a backbone we can help you to ‘grow your own’ suite of eLearning courses tailored to your companies needs using quality video and 3D animation OR teach you as a company how to build your own high quality eLearning.

We can offer a full graphics back-up for content generation developing high quality 3D animation and HD video for highly technical or HSE scenarios. Building your own eLearning is nothing without knowing how to host it. We will help you set up your own hosting solution, should you wish, or you can use our hosting space.

iPad compatibility can be designed into your any presentation or eLearning courses. We will help you keep control of your company’s most prized possession – its knowledge.